R&R Sales and Product Development (verkoop en productontwikkeling B.V.)

is a subsidiary of Slemaco B.V. and was founded in 2009 primarily in order to produce and sell the unique rotating forks carriage the Romastor

Our customer-driven mentality and work method are informal, flexible and highly professional. We strive to keep lines of communication with customers as short as possible.

All our offers are competitive and provided quickly free of obligation.
We initiate the ordering process immediately after receiving confirmation so that you can use your Romastor as soon as possible.

R&R Sales and Product Development focuses entirely on designing state-of-the-art attachments for materials handlers. The first result of our endeavours is this totally unique and innovative product: the Romastor

Our core values are service, commitment, safety and expertise!
here immediately, with a single click, you can request a Romastor offer
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