Years of experience working in building, construction and industry led to the idea of the Romastor rotating forks carriage in 2009.
The Romastor fits all makes of materials telehandlers and can rotate through 360 degrees!

With a Romastor jobs can be carried out more efficiently because less manoeuvring room and work space are required, resulting in substantial cost reductions as well as saving huge amounts of time. The long list of jobs that the Romastor can do includes unloading pallets and stacking them on another parallel situated vehicle.

The Romastor can lift and move materials with a maximum weight of up to 2.500 kg in any direction in the minimum amount of space. The Romastor is patented, tested and approved.
In addition, the Romastor has CE-certification and is supplied with a declaration of conformity in accordance Annex 2 of the Machinery Directive (98/37/EC).

The Romastor fits all rotary and fixed-position telehandler makes; see: Overview of compatible telehandler makes.
The controls of the respective machine can work with the Romastor without having to be modified.

The Romastor outperforms any standard forklift attachments with consummate ease.

The Romastor’s unbeatable advantages:

  • Rotates continually through 360 degrees
  • Moves materials weighing up to 2,500 kg in any direction
  • Works more efficiently by simplifying manoeuvring:
  • 20% reduction in fuel costs!
  • 30% reduction in work time!
  • 50% reduction in operating space compared with a standard forks carriage!
  • Quick and easy attachment
  • No modification of the handler required
  • Also available with hydraulic fork positioners
  • Two-year guarantee


The Romastor is patented as well as CE and certified.
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